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Jerry’s Auto Salvage, Inc.

60 day and Extended Warranty Terms


Front and Rear Axle Assemblies

Jerry’s warrants to the original purchaser its front and rear axle assemblies to be free of defects for a period of 60 days( or longer if an extended warranty is purchased ) from the date of sale.  The parts covered by this warranty are the gears and bearings.  Axle shafts are warranted to have good splines, bearing surfaces and to be straight.  Excluded from this warranty are the axle seals, brake components and problems that result from not installing a new cover gasket, pinion seal, axle seals and new fluid when installing the front or rear axle.



Warranty Time Period

General / Labor

Jerry’s guarantees no labor costs, with the exception of  specific labor installation warranties that can be purchased on some parts sold by Jerry’s. These parts are: engines, transmissions, transfer cases and front and rear axle assemblies

installed by an approved ASE certified shop and have a minimum purchase price Of $ 350.00.


If a problem occurs within the limited warranty time period you must contact Jerry’s immediately.  The part must remain installed in the original vehicle for which it was purchased until Jerry’s has determined if the part should be removed for inspection.  Jerry’s will then determine if the part failed within the period of the original limited parts warranty, if all conditions of the original limited parts warranty were met and if the part needs to be repaired or replaced.


If installation labor warranty was originally purchased at the time of sale and Jerry’s determines that the part failed within the warranty period and it must be repaired or replaced,  Jerry’s will pay the original purchaser $ 50.00 per hour times the

book flat rate to repair or replace the failed part.  The failed part must be repaired or replaced by a professional installation center approved by Jerry’s.  Jerry’s retains all rights under the limited parts warranty including the right to repair rather than replace any part covered by the warranty.  This limited installation warranty is not included with any part from Jerry’s, but must be purchased separately.  The limited installation warranty covers only the specific part described by the part type and Jerry’s stock number on the original invoice.  The liability and obligation of Jerry’s under this warranty shall not exceed

the amount or time period shown on the original invoice and shall not include any inconvenience, transportation, towing( including towing to any repair facility ), down time, direct, indirect or consequent damage, or delay resulting from any defect.



Excluded Vehicles


Excluded from all warranties are parts purchased for vehicles used for commercial, racing, boating and off road use.



Please read all warranty information

 it may effect you if a problem arises with your purchased part.

Return Policy

All returns must be accompanied by the original invoice.  Only the original part we sold you will be accepted as the return part.  We will not accept any substitute part  ( example: your old part )  for the return.  The part must be returned within 60 days ( or longer if an extended warranty was purchased )  from the date of sale.